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Planning Paris Trip

French culture, to say the least, is very different. As a whole, it’s a nation with a sense of refinement that simply isn’t part of the American experience. And that is OK, you will experience these things during your trip and appreciate them for what they are as they enrich you culturally such as a ton of amazing regional wines, foods, and cheeses. France has a very rich wine culture that I think wine lovers anywhere can appreciate. You’ll taste the vast varieties of French cheeses. I had never tried goat cheese until I came here. Believe me it’s amazing. But my favorite aspect of French food is the pastries. You’ll see it all, croissants, pains au chocolat, beignets (French doughnuts), and a ton of different types of tartes!

I think the main difference between American culture and French culture is the way in which people do business and treat commercial relationships. They both have their pros and cons and as a tourist you’ll be faced with situations in which you might not know how to react.

Flight and Hotel Packages

The world’s leading airline companies and hotel chains often work together to bring tourists special discounts. Whether you want to spend a weekend in a major city or 10 days relaxing at a beach somewhere, you should be able to find an affordable package deal.

WHEN can you find the best deal? It depends on factors such as holidays, destination, peak travel, and so forth. If you don’t mind the risk, it might be in your best interest to wait around for a last minute deal to pop up. If your dates and destination are set in stone and there is no room for flexibility, it’s essential that you book at least 30 days in advance. Some experts claim that 49 days is the magic number, unless it’s holiday season, in which case you would want to book 96 days in advance.

Even if you are able to find a good last-minute deal on airfare, there is no guarantee that a hotel room will be available with it by that point. Also, keep in mind that many packages will require you to stay for a specific number

About Cruising in France

Cruising is ideal for anyone on a special diet or who has specific food requirements. Each barge has a professional chef on board to cook for individual tastes or dietary requirements. Additionally, the chef can provide instruction for anyone wanting to learn about French food and cooking techniques.

If passengers have an interest in wines, for example, they can sail into one of the areas of the countryside, such as Bordeaux, Champagne, or Burgundy, where some of the world’s best wine is produced. The tours will visit the vineyards and sample products from each locale. The scenery and food in these regions is sensational. They may even be invited for drinks and a meal with the owners.

Or they may prefer painting, art, music, ancient Roman history, architecture, visiting chateaux, or simply a general cruise along the waterways. Whatever route is chosen offers fascinating things to see and do. These barge trips provide a combination of land and water touring, so that museums, monuments, churches, and places of interest are not only viewed but experienced in ways that a

Info Traveling to France

Below you may find some hotels that are situated in France.

Hotel De l’Ocean – Paris

This hotel has a fabulous oceanic theme that also sooths the eye. Hotel De L’Ocean has 52 rooms and it is located in the heart of Paris, near the Opera House. This hotel is modern, romantic and very modest in terms of prices. Nearby, there is the Moulon Rouge nightclub where one can dine.

This hotel has up-to-date facilities that include:
– Room service
– Breakfast buffet served each morning in the breakfast room
– Parking is available next to the hotel for its guest’s convenience
– Bar lounge
Due to its central location, this hotel is close to all types of transportation, being metro, rail station and buses.
Hotel De l’Ocean is within walking distance to the Opera, shopping a Printemps which is blocks away.

This is one of the best choices for a fantastic trip since it is located in a prime location for visiting the important landmarks of Paris and for romantic opera lovers.

Moated Renaissance Chateau-Hotel, Paris

This hotel is easily reachable and is 60km away from France’s capital city. It is

Some Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Hidden Fees

The cheapest flight or hotel price is not always the best deal. Most time the lowest prices for places come with quite a few hidden fees such as checked bags, resort or hotel fees, etc which could put you over budget.

Not Buying Travel Insurance

Many people opt out of buying even the most affordable travel insurance because they think that nothing will happen to them or overall, it is just not worth it. But, travel insurance can protect your luggage in case it is lost which happens more than you think. It can also pay for lost hotel reservations or even medical expenses you may endure.

Third-Party Discount Scams

Third party scammers typically push you to book using their services by tempting consumers with one-time only deals. Usually, these scammers take your money and do not follow through with services promised. One way to avoid this is to read the fine print and ask a lot of questions. Or just avoid third-party companies all together.

Currency Exchange Fee

Make sure to only go to credible currency exchange places and not some corner shop. Although

Free Vacation Offers

Famous Places in France

Some of the most famous places in France are in Paris!

1. La Tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel for the Universal Exposition, is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist attractions in France.

It’s amazing to think that the Eiffel Tower was, for a time, seen as an eyesore and even ugly; it was almost knocked down in 1909.

2. Musée du Louvre
The Louvre museum, once a royal palace, is now one of the most well known art museums in the world, featuring paintings such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, as well as spectacular artworks by Michelangelo, Raphael and, Botticelli.

3. Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
Next in line is the beautiful Gothic cathedral, Notre Dame, built from the around 1163 to 1345, visited by more than 12 million people a year, and one of the most famous french monuments.

4. Arc du Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe and magnificent Ave des Champs-Elysées, are spectacular to see. The Arc was commissioned by Napoloeon to commemorate the victories of his armies; the tomb of France’s Unknown Soldier lies here, and every evening

Holidays in South of France

France is divided into 27 administrative regions, many of which are household names due to the popularity of exploring everything the country has to offer. From Normandy and Brittany in the North, to Champagne in the east and the Pyrenees in the South, France is a country both varied and diverse. Family holidays in the south of France can be unique and exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, France is a world-renowned centre for art and culture. Whether it’s fashion, art or literature, France has led the world through its development of culture and art which is ever-present in the big cities, but also beautifully distilled throughout the many small towns and hamlets. The south of France offers a number of excellent attractions for art lovers including numerous examples of Romanesque architecture.

If on the other hand you’re looking for a family holiday with a bit more action and adventure, then the south of France has plenty to fit the bill. With the Pyrenees mountains offering some of the best skiing in the world, and the west coast of France providing excellent fishing and watersports opportunities, one thing you can count on is not being bored

Reasons to Visit France

Many of the reasons for visiting France in general, and Paris in particular, are ones that you already know. Friends and family who have traveled to France may have brought home stories that kindled your curiosity and your desire to visit for yourself. You have seen the pictures, and the movies. You have heard about the marvels of the Eiffel Tower, rising up like a giant erector set, with an elevator to take you to the top for views out over the Seine and the city. You know about the exceptional art museums, the Louvre and the Orsay, that house stunning collections within buildings that are themselves historic, architectural treasures, one a former palace and the other an elegant turn-of-the-century train station, built for the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle.

Likely you also have heard about the food and the wine, and the supreme pleasures of dining well, optimally at an outdoor table, at charming restaurants that carefully attend to every detail of your experience. Perhaps you have heard about the beauty of the countryside, with drifts of lavender and towns on hillsides, immaculate farms and spectacular mountains and coasts. Certainly you’ve heard about the history and the

Zero Waste Road Trip

1. Set your priorities right. Expectations about time and expenses to be incurred on food and hotels should be put into considerations and seen that the right measures have been taken to avoid inconveniences during the trip.

2. Compost management. Do not forget to put into consideration on the means of food scraps and waste handling during the travel. Improvise a large sealable container to facilitate food remains disposal. Make sure the container is properly sealed with a towel cloth to avoid stench filling up your car and end up ruining your road trip.

3. Pack food and snacks. This not only helps in cutting down expenses but also gives you the opportunity to pack a wide variety of favorite homemade snacks to indulge on as you enjoy your road trip.

4. Prepare map routes and directions, especially if unfamiliar routes and long distances are involved. With today’s technology, it has been made easier accessing maps and directions using mobile gadgets.

5. Booking and making relevant reservations ahead of time. It gives one a sound and relaxed mind during the vacation knowing that at some point there is a relaxing point awaiting you.

Discount Travel Deals

A lot of hotel deals are limited and only apply if you meet certain criteria, such as booking for a specific number of days. It’s a good idea to sign up for travel discount emails and newsletters so that you will receive details about the latest offers. Some smartphone apps even alert you the second a good deal pops up.

Another way to save money is to travel off-season. This, of course, varies depending on the location since the weather plays an important role in tourism. During major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s, the costs associated with travel will always be higher no matter what.

Don’t forget about ground transportation when looking for discount travel deals. If you plan on staying at your destination for several days, consider renting a car at a location away from the airport, as car rental offices at airports tend to charge higher rates. In some instances, you would pay two or even three times as much for the same car at the airport.

Budget Airlines as Part of Discount Travel

The number of deals offered by budget airline companies is increasing all the time. If US travelers

Take a Ferry to France

France is renowned for its cuisine. Tastes of the highest levels; fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood taste better in France! Frogs legs, snails and foie gras are popular specialities amongst tourists, but whatever you choose to eat in France you are sure to enjoy.

Being the largest producer in the world, France know a thing or two about their wine. Top quality wines are produced in several regions throughout France. Burgundy and Bordeaux are two of the most popular choices, but whichever you decide to taste you won’t go wrong!

The capital city, Paris is a shopper’s heaven. As well as their popular bakeries and fresh food street markets, France have a host of supermarkets, department stores and the usual you would expect in any western country. France has a lot to offer and you will be sure to go on a shopping trip or two once you are there.

The French love their art museums. The Louvre, d’Orsay and the Palais de Tokyo are all popular destinations. Many visitors to France often check out the artworks in the numerous museums around.

Cheap Ferries
Travelling from the south of England you can find many cheap ferry deals

Go Carp Fishing in France

If the first paragraph has made you nervous, don’t fret! Within this article we are going to assist you with a list of helpful processes so as to guide you to getting the best from your French carp fishing trip.

1) Firstly I think that Health and Safety is the best place to start our pre-trip planning! Having an accident and hurting yourself or falling ill in another country, albeit unlikely, is not going to be an easy obstacle to circumnavigate. Not being able to speak French fluently and trying to scale the different health system queries will cause much confusion so it is essential that you buy or renew any existing health insurance you might have. It is absolutely vital that you gain the correct insurance cover for your carp fishing trip to France, a quick phone call to your chosen insurance provider should indicate to you that you will need to gain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Every member of the family who is travelling will need their own card and, in the case of those from the UK, the card is valid for up to five years. To make matters easier, you can

Luxury Vacation Packages

Keep in mind that luxury travel isn’t just about how much money you spend, but how much value you receive. Look for conveniences such as early check-in, late check-out, expedited check-in, spa access and discounts, resort credit, room upgrades, and so forth. Superior service is one of the best things about a luxury vacation package.

When looking for deals, you might want to consider nearby locations and alternative destinations. Aspen and Park City aren’t the only ski destinations. Cancun isn’t the only gorgeous, sunny beach in Mexico. No matter what kind of vacation you are interested in, or what part of the world you want to visit, there are less-expensive luxury resorts. If you stay out of the center of the popular tourist spots, you are more likely to get a lot of value with your vacation.

With a luxury package, you will get the type of room you want, rather than just any ole’ standard room the hotel decides to put you in. A true luxury resort will honor your request regarding elements such as room category, enhanced mobility, physical location of the room, floor, the kind of view you want (city, beach, garden, etc…

About Day Trip to France

Day trips are the best way to check out France. There are so many worthy Looking places where with your family or kids one can have best time. An early departure can make you to enjoy so many places and enjoy a lot.

  • CALAIS- this is an obvious choice as it is short crossing time
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris Moulin Rouge show and Seine River Cruise- You can also enjoy anyone out of this.
  • Boulogne-sur-mer- nausicaa- France’s National Sea discovery centre in Boulogne-Sur-mer, Why not try this Northern France’s most popular tourist attraction. We recommend a stroll around the architectural beauty of Boulogne’s old ramparts, before sampling the local cuisine in one of the town’s great cafés or restaurants.( approximately 45 minutes from Calais)
  • St Omer- less than 30 miles from Calais The Flemish town of Saint-Omer stands on a hillside on the edge of the River Aa marshes. The large square in the town holds a weekly market on Saturday mornings, selling fresh local produce. A branch of the river runs through the lower part of the town and a boat trip is an ideal way of seeing the 13th Century Abbey.
  • Le Touquet- during the summer months, Le Touquet’s miles

Cheap Vacation Getaways

If you really do want to go to the most popular places in the world, here are a few tips to help you save:

• Timing is everything when it comes to cheap travel. If there is no leg room with your vacation dates and you MUST travel on those specific days, make a list of the top places you want to visit and find out if it will be off-season for any of them. If you do have flexibility with the dates, be patient and wait until the prices start to go down to the place you want to go to the most.

• The early birds don’t necessarily get the worm in the travel and tourism industry. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait on a last minute or same day deal. You can save HUGE if you wait for the hotels to slash their prices in a last minute attempt to get all of their rooms booked. It’s often the same with airlines as well, so if you’re feeling a bit risky, hold out until literally the last day or two to see if any plane tickets are available at a very

Caribbean Vacation Packages

Unfortunately, there is usually damage done to some of the Caribbean islands during hurricane seasons. In some instances, the damage may be bad enough that the travel and tourism industry in those islands is affected. Be aware of this when doing research and comparing prices.

Here’s an overview of some of the most affordable Caribbean vacation packages:


Even though it’s not an island, many people still consider Cancun, Mexico to be part of the Caribbean. The Greater Cancun area consists of Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya, which are usually found on Caribbean cruise itineraries. You can expect cheap flights to the area from just about any airport and book a hotel room at a low price.

Punta Cana

This Dominican Republic city has some modestly priced hotels that include free breakfast. It’s also known for its amazingly cheap all-inclusive resorts. You can likely find good airfare + hotel combo packages as well.

St. Lucia

You won’t have to spend much money to enjoy a stay on this island. Not only are hotels and meals inexpensive, it offers no shortage of fun things to do for free, like

Info of Late Breaks In France

Sports that you can enjoy in France

In France you can enjoy your time with various adventurous sports like:

  • Skiing
  • Golf
  • Biking

Hotels in France

There are many hotels in France. Each is best than other. Eurostar provides you a deal to book tickets and Hotels online and enjoy various concessions.

  • Bourgogne Et Montana Hotel
  • Sofitel Paris champs- Elysees
  • Royal Windsor hotel Grand ‘Place
  • Paris hotel Gare de Lyon
  • Le Regent Montmartre
  • Hotel Medison
  • Hotel Vernet
  • Kyriad Caen center
  • Hotel Continental
  • Aviatic Hotel Paris

Visitors Attractions

France itself is a place of attraction for the visitors. But there are many other places in France, which are more attractive. Eurostar helps you to reach these places easily.

  • Fontainebleau Forest and castle: – It is a royal Hunting Park. You can spend your vacations. You can enjoy the forest environment and also a beautiful view of castle.
  • Disney Land Paris: – It is a holiday resort in Marne-la-Vallee. It is a beautiful place for a thrilling family holiday. Eurostar provides you a full package of Enjoyment in Disney land.
  • Notre Dame de France: – It is located in the Leicester Place. In this place you can see the best examples of French Gothic architecture.
  • Flea Market

Family Vacation Spots Recommendations

Disney World

Disney has always been, and probably always will be, the number one getaway spot for families. It’s known for its parades, rides, performances, and overall experience. Everyone should visit Disney World at least once in their lives. If you haven’t yet taken your kids there, it’s never too late to do so.

Grand Canyon

This large, infamous national park is an admired family destination. There is plenty to do here – it’s not just about sightseeing. You can go rafting, hiking, kayaking, and take a trip on the Railway. If possible, don’t go during the summer, as you will have to deal with crowds.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Located NW of Glen Rose in Texas, this park covers over 1,500 acres. It offers a wide variety of outdoor opportunities for family activities. Take the kids through the area and check out the best preserved dinosaur tracks. This is not only a fun vacation, but a highly educational one as well.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This is the place to go if you want to see beautiful scenery along California’s coastline. It showcases local wildlife and

Family Camping In France

Many people have not been aware of France having the potential for a budget camping trip, but its possibilities surprise them; this is because France offers many picturesque locales as well as activities for a family vacation to be successful and enjoyable. Those heading for the Pyrenees will find many budget family camping France locations that are scenic, serene and cost-effective too.

The first step to making a family camping in France’s experience a great one is to begin with finding a good deal on fairly-priced airline tickets that are affordable for the full family trip, since getting to France is typically the costliest part of the trip. A budget family camping tickets set can be bought well in advance of the intended vacation plan time and tickets available off-season (outside of busy tourist times) are usually most affordable. Experts recommend buying airline tickets in the fall since summer is peak-season most places and therefore tickets expensive too.

Once tickets have been bought, you can plan ahead for the family camping France trip by checking for campsite reservations well in advance of your vacation and even if there isn’t much scope for getting a discount here,

Preparing Car For Trip To France

Do you have European break down service? This is a must as you never know what’s round the corner and you should be prepared at all times. Be careful here because some companies only insure cars younger than 10 years for European breakdown!!

Do you have all the correct equipment which complies with the French laws? Here is a check list for you car and you:

  • Spare Tire
  • Spare Bulbs
  • Spare Fuses
  • Warning Triangle
  • Glowing Safety Jackets
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit I
  • Insurance Documents
  • Breakdown Documents
  • Drivers License
  • Headlight Dimmers/converters

In France it is law to carry the above. If you forget some of these most can be bought on the ferries. After all it would be a shame to ruin the holiday with a fine from the French authorities.

Although not essential it would be a good idea to have the below as well:

  • Tire Compressor/with pressure gauge
  • Torch
  • Blankets
  • Bag of tools
  • Gaffer tape
  • Jump Leads/booster pack
  • Spare oil
  • Water
  • And of course Food and Drink

Don’t forget to pack your