Zero Waste Road Trip

1. Set your priorities right. Expectations about time and expenses to be incurred on food and hotels should be put into considerations and seen that the right measures have been taken to avoid inconveniences during the trip.

2. Compost management. Do not forget to put into consideration on the means of food scraps and waste handling during the travel. Improvise a large sealable container to facilitate food remains disposal. Make sure the container is properly sealed with a towel cloth to avoid stench filling up your car and end up ruining your road trip.

3. Pack food and snacks. This not only helps in cutting down expenses but also gives you the opportunity to pack a wide variety of favorite homemade snacks to indulge on as you enjoy your road trip.

4. Prepare map routes and directions, especially if unfamiliar routes and long distances are involved. With today’s technology, it has been made easier accessing maps and directions using mobile gadgets.

5. Booking and making relevant reservations ahead of time. It gives one a sound and relaxed mind during the vacation knowing that at some point there is a relaxing point awaiting you.

6. Plan for stops. Stop overs give you a chance to unwind as you look forward to enjoy the rest of the trip.

7. Relax. Do not hurry to plan as you may end up leaving the most basic requirements. Ensure the vehicle or car that is to be used for transportation is in good condition. Take your time and do not rush to make choices that could end up paralyzing the whole or part of the trip.

Discount Travel Deals

A lot of hotel deals are limited and only apply if you meet certain criteria, such as booking for a specific number of days. It’s a good idea to sign up for travel discount emails and newsletters so that you will receive details about the latest offers. Some smartphone apps even alert you the second a good deal pops up.

Another way to save money is to travel off-season. This, of course, varies depending on the location since the weather plays an important role in tourism. During major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s, the costs associated with travel will always be higher no matter what.

Don’t forget about ground transportation when looking for discount travel deals. If you plan on staying at your destination for several days, consider renting a car at a location away from the airport, as car rental offices at airports tend to charge higher rates. In some instances, you would pay two or even three times as much for the same car at the airport.

Budget Airlines as Part of Discount Travel

The number of deals offered by budget airline companies is increasing all the time. If US travelers want to fly internationally, Norwegian and WOW Airlines are good places to start your search. For domestic flights, look into Allegiant Air, JetBlue, Sun Country, Frontier Airlines, etc. It might also help to consider multiple stops before making it to your intended destination. Flying direct isn’t always the cheapest option. Look into flights with connections – flexibility is a money saver in the travel industry.

To save on a hotel, check for last minute deals. You can also find discounts on rooms that other travelers have cancelled. Waiting until the last minute to book your room could help you save as much as 60{6d5a3d337a14f2f252e6cf1252eb49f6dfaa677e4c90fa2e887c58cf6b14c7ed}. The downside is that there is no guarantee that you will get a room if you want too long to book. If you can’t find discount travel deals on airfare and don’t mind a bit of risk, this may be worth looking into. If your destination is a popular tourist spot or major city, there will likely be available rooms somewhere up until the very last second.

Take a Ferry to France

France is renowned for its cuisine. Tastes of the highest levels; fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood taste better in France! Frogs legs, snails and foie gras are popular specialities amongst tourists, but whatever you choose to eat in France you are sure to enjoy.

Being the largest producer in the world, France know a thing or two about their wine. Top quality wines are produced in several regions throughout France. Burgundy and Bordeaux are two of the most popular choices, but whichever you decide to taste you won’t go wrong!

The capital city, Paris is a shopper’s heaven. As well as their popular bakeries and fresh food street markets, France have a host of supermarkets, department stores and the usual you would expect in any western country. France has a lot to offer and you will be sure to go on a shopping trip or two once you are there.

The French love their art museums. The Louvre, d’Orsay and the Palais de Tokyo are all popular destinations. Many visitors to France often check out the artworks in the numerous museums around.

Cheap Ferries
Travelling from the south of England you can find many cheap ferry deals all year around to France. With several starting points including Portsmouth, Poole, Weymouth and Dover you can make a short journey across to France, arriving at Le Havre, St Malo, Cherbourg, Calais or wherever your trip takes you, all at a reasonable or cheap price.

Go Carp Fishing in France

If the first paragraph has made you nervous, don’t fret! Within this article we are going to assist you with a list of helpful processes so as to guide you to getting the best from your French carp fishing trip.

1) Firstly I think that Health and Safety is the best place to start our pre-trip planning! Having an accident and hurting yourself or falling ill in another country, albeit unlikely, is not going to be an easy obstacle to circumnavigate. Not being able to speak French fluently and trying to scale the different health system queries will cause much confusion so it is essential that you buy or renew any existing health insurance you might have. It is absolutely vital that you gain the correct insurance cover for your carp fishing trip to France, a quick phone call to your chosen insurance provider should indicate to you that you will need to gain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Every member of the family who is travelling will need their own card and, in the case of those from the UK, the card is valid for up to five years. To make matters easier, you can apply for an EHIC by phone or by post or through the post office in the UK.

2) With your health and safety organised I think we should now go to the exciting bit and start to search for a venue for your holiday! We should all go straight to the computer as this is where I will mainly direct my examples. Now, type in the search box “Find a French Carp Fishing Lake” and hit enter! Oh dear, looking at the search engine results is not a pretty picture is it? Page after page of French carp fishing venues appear before your eyes, your eyes scan the eclectic mix of venues and the voices in your head start to fire unlimited questions at your subconscious person “where on earth do I begin my search through this little lot”! So many venues and from so many different areas, offering a diverse choice of packages, facilities and prices! It’s really not surprising that many anglers start to switch off and try to make matters easier for themselves by cutting their homework short and sticking to the well known venues or the venues they see on the first pages of their computer search or their weekly/monthly magazines. My advise in this situation is don’t panic or switch off, just go and grab yourself a pen and paper and sit down with a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a cold beer and list everything you desire from your carp fishing trip to France. Your list of wishes may well be infinite but rest assured setting out a wish list will certainly aid your trawl through the vast quantities of French Carp Fisheries. Recorded on your list may be a good washing facility, shower or toilet or some may want a lake that has fish to 50lb! It doesn’t matter what or how many stipulations you end up having on your list, every word written on that piece of paper is going to help you find the perfect French fishery match for you!

Here I have roughly outlined a typical example of what myself and my carp fishing buddies have placed on one of our lists, in no particular order of preference:

a) We would like a lake with fish to 50lb
b) Must have good washing facilities, don’t want to be smelly!
c) Food package (as we don’t want to cook ourselves, too much washing up!)
d) Travelling Distance/Time = No more than 4 hrs from Calais
e) Size of the Lake = minimum 10 acres as it needs to accommodate 6 anglers
f) Price for fishing = No more than £350 inclusive of food.
g) Does the lake have accommodation for non fishing guests?

These pointers, of course, are not going to be the same for every carp angler going to France, they extend a good example of the type of listing technique that will help place a guideline to help you gain the right lake choice. Once this list is completed it will easily discount the venues that aren’t suitable for your fishing trip to France and with so many venues to choose from on your search engine results page, you should feel a lot more confident that your final choice of venue will be the right fishery for you. As you will see from the search engine results in front of you, there is still homework to be done, but it will be made a lot easier by you having placed simple boundaries on to your requirements list. Alternatively there are some excellent Fishery directories that can offer you a large selection of French Carp Lakes all on the one site thus easing the pain of trawling through the many individual websites available on the net.

Thank goodness you’ve found that perfect venue!