Take a Ferry to France

France is renowned for its cuisine. Tastes of the highest levels; fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood taste better in France! Frogs legs, snails and foie gras are popular specialities amongst tourists, but whatever you choose to eat in France you are sure to enjoy.

Being the largest producer in the world, France know a thing or two about their wine. Top quality wines are produced in several regions throughout France. Burgundy and Bordeaux are two of the most popular choices, but whichever you decide to taste you won’t go wrong!

The capital city, Paris is a shopper’s heaven. As well as their popular bakeries and fresh food street markets, France have a host of supermarkets, department stores and the usual you would expect in any western country. France has a lot to offer and you will be sure to go on a shopping trip or two once you are there.

The French love their art museums. The Louvre, d’Orsay and the Palais de Tokyo are all popular destinations. Many visitors to France often check out the artworks in the numerous museums around.

Cheap Ferries
Travelling from the south of England you can find many cheap ferry deals all year around to France. With several starting points including Portsmouth, Poole, Weymouth and Dover you can make a short journey across to France, arriving at Le Havre, St Malo, Cherbourg, Calais or wherever your trip takes you, all at a reasonable or cheap price.

Go Carp Fishing in France

If the first paragraph has made you nervous, don’t fret! Within this article we are going to assist you with a list of helpful processes so as to guide you to getting the best from your French carp fishing trip.

1) Firstly I think that Health and Safety is the best place to start our pre-trip planning! Having an accident and hurting yourself or falling ill in another country, albeit unlikely, is not going to be an easy obstacle to circumnavigate. Not being able to speak French fluently and trying to scale the different health system queries will cause much confusion so it is essential that you buy or renew any existing health insurance you might have. It is absolutely vital that you gain the correct insurance cover for your carp fishing trip to France, a quick phone call to your chosen insurance provider should indicate to you that you will need to gain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Every member of the family who is travelling will need their own card and, in the case of those from the UK, the card is valid for up to five years. To make matters easier, you can apply for an EHIC by phone or by post or through the post office in the UK.

2) With your health and safety organised I think we should now go to the exciting bit and start to search for a venue for your holiday! We should all go straight to the computer as this is where I will mainly direct my examples. Now, type in the search box “Find a French Carp Fishing Lake” and hit enter! Oh dear, looking at the search engine results is not a pretty picture is it? Page after page of French carp fishing venues appear before your eyes, your eyes scan the eclectic mix of venues and the voices in your head start to fire unlimited questions at your subconscious person “where on earth do I begin my search through this little lot”! So many venues and from so many different areas, offering a diverse choice of packages, facilities and prices! It’s really not surprising that many anglers start to switch off and try to make matters easier for themselves by cutting their homework short and sticking to the well known venues or the venues they see on the first pages of their computer search or their weekly/monthly magazines. My advise in this situation is don’t panic or switch off, just go and grab yourself a pen and paper and sit down with a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a cold beer and list everything you desire from your carp fishing trip to France. Your list of wishes may well be infinite but rest assured setting out a wish list will certainly aid your trawl through the vast quantities of French Carp Fisheries. Recorded on your list may be a good washing facility, shower or toilet or some may want a lake that has fish to 50lb! It doesn’t matter what or how many stipulations you end up having on your list, every word written on that piece of paper is going to help you find the perfect French fishery match for you!

Here I have roughly outlined a typical example of what myself and my carp fishing buddies have placed on one of our lists, in no particular order of preference:

a) We would like a lake with fish to 50lb
b) Must have good washing facilities, don’t want to be smelly!
c) Food package (as we don’t want to cook ourselves, too much washing up!)
d) Travelling Distance/Time = No more than 4 hrs from Calais
e) Size of the Lake = minimum 10 acres as it needs to accommodate 6 anglers
f) Price for fishing = No more than £350 inclusive of food.
g) Does the lake have accommodation for non fishing guests?

These pointers, of course, are not going to be the same for every carp angler going to France, they extend a good example of the type of listing technique that will help place a guideline to help you gain the right lake choice. Once this list is completed it will easily discount the venues that aren’t suitable for your fishing trip to France and with so many venues to choose from on your search engine results page, you should feel a lot more confident that your final choice of venue will be the right fishery for you. As you will see from the search engine results in front of you, there is still homework to be done, but it will be made a lot easier by you having placed simple boundaries on to your requirements list. Alternatively there are some excellent Fishery directories that can offer you a large selection of French Carp Lakes all on the one site thus easing the pain of trawling through the many individual websites available on the net.

Thank goodness you’ve found that perfect venue!

Luxury Vacation Packages

Keep in mind that luxury travel isn’t just about how much money you spend, but how much value you receive. Look for conveniences such as early check-in, late check-out, expedited check-in, spa access and discounts, resort credit, room upgrades, and so forth. Superior service is one of the best things about a luxury vacation package.

When looking for deals, you might want to consider nearby locations and alternative destinations. Aspen and Park City aren’t the only ski destinations. Cancun isn’t the only gorgeous, sunny beach in Mexico. No matter what kind of vacation you are interested in, or what part of the world you want to visit, there are less-expensive luxury resorts. If you stay out of the center of the popular tourist spots, you are more likely to get a lot of value with your vacation.

With a luxury package, you will get the type of room you want, rather than just any ole’ standard room the hotel decides to put you in. A true luxury resort will honor your request regarding elements such as room category, enhanced mobility, physical location of the room, floor, the kind of view you want (city, beach, garden, etc… ) and more. If you have any specific request such as a pet-friendly room or allergen-free room, the hotel should provide.

Other Aspects of Luxury Vacation Packages

One aspect of luxury vacation packages that a lot of travelers love is the bathroom. You won’t have to lounge at the spa when your private bathroom is just as luxurious with fancy furnishings, fluffy robes, terry towels, quality soap, makeup mirror lights, and many other nice freebies and amenities.

Some other features commonly offered by luxury resorts and hotels (including small boutiques) include:

• A pool

• A special lobby area just for VIP guests

• A 24-hour fitness center

• 24/7 room service

• Highly professional and knowledgeable staff

• Dog-walking, babysitting, pet sitting, etc.

• Laundry service

You may end up with even more than these services, depending on where you stay. Luxury vacation packages vary depending on the resort, location, tourist season, and price.

About Day Trip to France

Day trips are the best way to check out France. There are so many worthy Looking places where with your family or kids one can have best time. An early departure can make you to enjoy so many places and enjoy a lot.

  • CALAIS- this is an obvious choice as it is short crossing time
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris Moulin Rouge show and Seine River Cruise- You can also enjoy anyone out of this.
  • Boulogne-sur-mer- nausicaa- France’s National Sea discovery centre in Boulogne-Sur-mer, Why not try this Northern France’s most popular tourist attraction. We recommend a stroll around the architectural beauty of Boulogne’s old ramparts, before sampling the local cuisine in one of the town’s great cafés or restaurants.( approximately 45 minutes from Calais)
  • St Omer- less than 30 miles from Calais The Flemish town of Saint-Omer stands on a hillside on the edge of the River Aa marshes. The large square in the town holds a weekly market on Saturday mornings, selling fresh local produce. A branch of the river runs through the lower part of the town and a boat trip is an ideal way of seeing the 13th Century Abbey.
  • Le Touquet- during the summer months, Le Touquet’s miles of sandy golden beaches is best visited. The more adventurous can experience the thrill of sand yachting on one of the longest beaches in Northern France.

Cheap Vacation Getaways

If you really do want to go to the most popular places in the world, here are a few tips to help you save:

• Timing is everything when it comes to cheap travel. If there is no leg room with your vacation dates and you MUST travel on those specific days, make a list of the top places you want to visit and find out if it will be off-season for any of them. If you do have flexibility with the dates, be patient and wait until the prices start to go down to the place you want to go to the most.

• The early birds don’t necessarily get the worm in the travel and tourism industry. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait on a last minute or same day deal. You can save HUGE if you wait for the hotels to slash their prices in a last minute attempt to get all of their rooms booked. It’s often the same with airlines as well, so if you’re feeling a bit risky, hold out until literally the last day or two to see if any plane tickets are available at a very low price.

• Sign up for newsletters and bookmark your favorite travel booking sites. Keep checking in to view the cheap vacation getaways category. With a bit of patience, you will eventually see a package for one of the places you’d really love to visit.

• Don’t select a package with a lot of extras if you don’t need them. There are different types of vacation getaways, some of which are all-inclusive and come with a wide variety of features – many of which you likely won’t need, or could do without. At the very least, you will need airfare (or bus fare) and a place to stay for a certain number of nights. Just use the search function at your favorite travel site to bundle airfare and accommodation and see if you can get any discounts by booking them both at the same time.

• Look into Loyalty Programs. You might be eligible for something even if you’re not aware of it. The line between hotel and airline loyalty programs is getting thinner, due to partnerships between the two industries. If you are a platinum or gold member of a hotel chain, for instance, you might actually be able to spend your loyalty points on airfare if that hotel company is partners with an airline company.

Caribbean Vacation Packages

Unfortunately, there is usually damage done to some of the Caribbean islands during hurricane seasons. In some instances, the damage may be bad enough that the travel and tourism industry in those islands is affected. Be aware of this when doing research and comparing prices.

Here’s an overview of some of the most affordable Caribbean vacation packages:


Even though it’s not an island, many people still consider Cancun, Mexico to be part of the Caribbean. The Greater Cancun area consists of Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya, which are usually found on Caribbean cruise itineraries. You can expect cheap flights to the area from just about any airport and book a hotel room at a low price.

Punta Cana

This Dominican Republic city has some modestly priced hotels that include free breakfast. It’s also known for its amazingly cheap all-inclusive resorts. You can likely find good airfare + hotel combo packages as well.

St. Lucia

You won’t have to spend much money to enjoy a stay on this island. Not only are hotels and meals inexpensive, it offers no shortage of fun things to do for free, like visiting the Castries Market, going on mountain trails, sightseeing along volcanic beaches, and so forth. The only downside is its remoteness from the US, so you might have to wait awhile for a connecting flight.

Montego Bay

Jamaica is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, and Montego Bay is a must if you are on a budget. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts with affordable rates. This is a very well-developed area for tourism – especially around the north shore.

Info of Late Breaks In France

Sports that you can enjoy in France

In France you can enjoy your time with various adventurous sports like:

  • Skiing
  • Golf
  • Biking

Hotels in France

There are many hotels in France. Each is best than other. Eurostar provides you a deal to book tickets and Hotels online and enjoy various concessions.

  • Bourgogne Et Montana Hotel
  • Sofitel Paris champs- Elysees
  • Royal Windsor hotel Grand ‘Place
  • Paris hotel Gare de Lyon
  • Le Regent Montmartre
  • Hotel Medison
  • Hotel Vernet
  • Kyriad Caen center
  • Hotel Continental
  • Aviatic Hotel Paris

Visitors Attractions

France itself is a place of attraction for the visitors. But there are many other places in France, which are more attractive. Eurostar helps you to reach these places easily.

  • Fontainebleau Forest and castle: – It is a royal Hunting Park. You can spend your vacations. You can enjoy the forest environment and also a beautiful view of castle.
  • Disney Land Paris: – It is a holiday resort in Marne-la-Vallee. It is a beautiful place for a thrilling family holiday. Eurostar provides you a full package of Enjoyment in Disney land.
  • Notre Dame de France: – It is located in the Leicester Place. In this place you can see the best examples of French Gothic architecture.
  • Flea Market – Saint- Ouen: – It is a beautiful place in France. A trip to Flea Market can adds to your trip.
  • Chateau de Versailles Gardens: – It is situated near Rue Robert de Cotte Versailles. Here you can see a beautiful innovative garden, a museum and many other great things.
  • Eiffel tower: – It is situated near Paros u camp de Mars, France. Gustave Eiffle designs it. It is a beautiful place to visit.
  • Louvre museum: – It is a museum near Quai du Louvre. It is one of the Worlds greatest art museums.
  • Island of Oleron: – It is situated in the center of the city. It is a perfect place for family holiday place.
  • Pere- Lachaise cemetery: – It is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris.
  • Asterix Park: – it is situated in Plailly, France. It is a beautiful amusement Park.

Shopping in France

France is a fantastic place for shopping. There are many malls and shopping centers. You can enjoy carrying heavy shopping bags with you.

  • Seda France Classic Toile Pagoda Box Candles
  • Bulletin de la Socit Entomoloqique
  • Socit de L’Histoire de France
  • Silver Carbonite French

Nightlife in France

France enjoys hot and happening nightlife. Nightlife of France attracts tourists also. Loud music, DJ’s, Bars make nightlife in France more interesting.

  • Les Bains
  • Batofar
  • Le Cab
  • Barrio latino
  • Rex Club
  • LE queen
  • Bus Palladium

Family Vacation Spots Recommendations

Disney World

Disney has always been, and probably always will be, the number one getaway spot for families. It’s known for its parades, rides, performances, and overall experience. Everyone should visit Disney World at least once in their lives. If you haven’t yet taken your kids there, it’s never too late to do so.

Grand Canyon

This large, infamous national park is an admired family destination. There is plenty to do here – it’s not just about sightseeing. You can go rafting, hiking, kayaking, and take a trip on the Railway. If possible, don’t go during the summer, as you will have to deal with crowds.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Located NW of Glen Rose in Texas, this park covers over 1,500 acres. It offers a wide variety of outdoor opportunities for family activities. Take the kids through the area and check out the best preserved dinosaur tracks. This is not only a fun vacation, but a highly educational one as well.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This is the place to go if you want to see beautiful scenery along California’s coastline. It showcases local wildlife and sea creatures. The tank design makes it so that kids can get close to the sea turtles, bat rays and even sharks! There are plenty of fun activities as well, such as humpback whale spotting and penguin feeding shows. Stay at one of the many affordable family-friendly hotels in the area.

Gatlinburg, TN

There is plenty of family fun to be found in Gatlinburg. In this historic southern town, you can play mini-golf, go skiing, enjoy rides at an amusement park, visit museums and aquariums, check out Ripley’s Believe it Or Not: Odditorium, and more.

London, England

London is among the best family vacation spots in Europe. There are no language barriers and plenty to discover and experience. Even though the city is known for high price tags, there are still budget lodging options at chain hotels and small inns.

Family Camping In France

Many people have not been aware of France having the potential for a budget camping trip, but its possibilities surprise them; this is because France offers many picturesque locales as well as activities for a family vacation to be successful and enjoyable. Those heading for the Pyrenees will find many budget family camping France locations that are scenic, serene and cost-effective too.

The first step to making a family camping in France’s experience a great one is to begin with finding a good deal on fairly-priced airline tickets that are affordable for the full family trip, since getting to France is typically the costliest part of the trip. A budget family camping tickets set can be bought well in advance of the intended vacation plan time and tickets available off-season (outside of busy tourist times) are usually most affordable. Experts recommend buying airline tickets in the fall since summer is peak-season most places and therefore tickets expensive too.

Once tickets have been bought, you can plan ahead for the family camping France trip by checking for campsite reservations well in advance of your vacation and even if there isn’t much scope for getting a discount here, this step ensures you won’t be stuck with a much higher rate, which is the case with last minute reservations. One way to get this step out of the way is to get online to reserve specific campsites; discussing with the local tourism boards about getting backcountry permits that allow you to choose various camping sites for your family camping France holiday is yet another smart way of getting the right information – and at lower rates.

Besides the above tips on limiting the expenditure on your budget family camping France holiday, you can also keep expenses down by bringing in the maximum camping gear with you that you can comfortably carry along as the other option (buying your equipment in France is an expensive and time consuming proposition). In these ways, (bringing along your sleeping bags and cooking equipment etc.) you can tone down much of the numbers on the large price tag of a budget family camping France trip and will be ready to go hiking as soon as you depart from the flight’s arrival lounge.

Thus, you can well understand the reason for the growing popularity of budget family camping, France for the modern backpacker who wants great views, local sight-seeing opportunities, wants to stay within a holiday budget and avoid prohibitive pricing of lodging offered by local hotels while touring France in a affordable, tranquil and at an easy pace too!

Preparing Car For Trip To France

Do you have European break down service? This is a must as you never know what’s round the corner and you should be prepared at all times. Be careful here because some companies only insure cars younger than 10 years for European breakdown!!

Do you have all the correct equipment which complies with the French laws? Here is a check list for you Secondhand Cars and you:

  • Spare Tire
  • Spare Bulbs
  • Spare Fuses
  • Warning Triangle
  • Glowing Safety Jackets
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit I
  • Insurance Documents
  • Breakdown Documents
  • Drivers License
  • Headlight Dimmers/converters

In France it is law to carry the above. If you forget some of these most can be bought on the ferries. After all it would be a shame to ruin the holiday with a fine from the French authorities.

Although not essential it would be a good idea to have the below as well:

  • Tire Compressor/with pressure gauge
  • Torch
  • Blankets
  • Bag of tools
  • Gaffer tape
  • Jump Leads/booster pack
  • Spare oil
  • Water
  • And of course Food and Drink

Don’t forget to pack your car properly don’t put too much in the boot so your raised at the front. This is bad especially when you are planning to take your caravan with you!! Make sure your car on the flat is level. For more info please find at AutoVillage.